Corrections current trends

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Corrections Trends for the 21st Century

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Standing Trends

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Future trends; Back to top Future trends. Environmental Scan This report gives a broad overview of selected current and anticipated trends. It can used by corrections professional to inform their work. Environmental Scan This report gives a broad overview of selected current and anticipated trends.

It can used by corrections. CorrectionsOne is the most popular destination for Correctional Officers. Find breaking corrections news and video, products, jobs & more on. Corrections Current Trends, Innovations and the Future of Corrections in the United States and Abroad One of the unfortunate ironies of living in the "Land of the Free" today is the fact that the United States incarcerates more of its citizens than any other country in the world.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics Corrections Unit maintains over 30 data collections. Most are annual collections of administrative data from correctional administrators, ranging from basic population counts and offender demographic characteristics to facility capacity, programs, staff, and resources.

including trends in the overall. Corrections trends in the 21st Century are not easily predicted, and even less easily channeled in different directions. Yet if we are to have any influence on our own future, we in the business of prison operations and management must do what we can to steer.

U.S. PRISON POPULATIONS – TRENDS AND IMPLICATIONS As of June 30,the number of inmates held in state and federal correctional facilities reached 1,, representing an 82% increase fromin Between midyear and midyearpopulation by if current trends continued.

Corrections Trends for the 21st Century

Unless Congress reconsiders these.

Corrections current trends
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